How To Unlock Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Surprise that the folks over at XDA have found a way to root and unlock the device. Samsung galaxy S4 international version was cracked the last month. Pretty straight forward method for rooting the phone done preceding to unlocking the boot loader.

How To Unlock Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4

This is an easily root your Verizon Galaxy S4 device without having to clean your phone a full pre-rooted factory image. This process wors with leaked prerelease kernel this process provided by the user sex tape and rood method provided by user dirbliss. Motochoper root method to use the new latest superSu in its place.

Steps for rooting the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4:
Step 1:-

For rooting the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4:
- Samsung Official USB Drivers download and install
·ODIN v3.07Download and extract
· VRUAMD2 prerelease Kernel download
· Motochoper Root Exploit Tool download and extract

Step 2:-
Remove Root Block Flashing VRUAMD2 Prerelease:
· Boot phone into ODIN mode
· Flash the VRUAMD2 Prerelease kernel using ODIN v3.07
· Verifying everything kernel has successfully working

STEP 3:-

Rooting Your Device:
· Go to the setting option > More > About pone > tap build number and 7 times until it unlocks Developers option
· Confirm in developer options setting on your phone that you have USB Debugging checked
· Verify aps via USB unchecked
· Conform in security setting on your device that you have Unknown sources checked
· Verify apps unchecked
· Connected your phone to your computer and open Run.bat file from the location you have extracted Moto chopper
· Message on the phone ask to accept the new Computer connection
· After that motochopper runs and your phone is reboot .

Step 4:-
Restoring VRUAMDK Stock Kernel
· Phone boot ODIN mode
· VRUAMDK Stock Kernel using v3.07
· Back to the boot and confirm the everything is working successfully
· After your phone boots back to Android and device came on your phone
· Finally the all steps are completed, your phone will be rooted

Unlock Boot loader and installed the Clock Work MOD on your Samsung Galaxy S4. ABD program  using. Download the Moto chopper Supers.
Download the file SCH-1545_CWM_LOKl_v1.1 zip and extract the zip.
After download the recovery. Loki and Loki. flash the two files place on your phone in the directory, This program is called Explorer.
When the Galaxy S4 connected to Your PC. Open a command Prompt and change the directory where the adb.exe file is located. and type the following commands
adb shell
/data/loca/temp/loki_flash recovery/data/local/tmp/recovery.lok
Now if you want to unlock the bootloader and have Clock Work Mod installed on your Galaxy S4, you'll need to be comfortable using the ADB program, which will be in the "motochopper-supersu" folder on your PC, that was downloaded and used in the Step 3 Rooting process listed above.
Download the file and extract the zip.
Place the two files "recovery.lok" and "loki_flash" on your phone in the "/data/local/temp" directory. You can do this using a program called Root Explorer.
With your Galaxy S4 connected to your PC, you'll need to open a Command Prompt and change to the directory (motochopper-supersu) where the "adb.exe" file is located, and type the following commands:

adb shell
chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/loki_flash
/data/local/tmp/loki_flash recovery /data/local/tmp/recovery.lok

After that you can now your phone is power off. Shut down your phone and you can get to Clock Work MOd Recovery. configuration

Now you can install the custom Kernels that allows you to over clock the CPU and custom the ROM if you don’t care for Samsung Touch Wiz user interface. You will need to flash the stock ROM using ODIN program.

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