Apple iphone S5 Review | Price in India

Apple iphone S5 Review | Price in India
Apple announced the new smartphone iphone S5 with amazing  features coming this year as a new revolution  in this Hi - Tech world. Apple i phone S5 will be the successor i phone 5,The another smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC ONE,Sony Xepria ZR, The next i phone game it up.The i phone S5 is different with the I phone 5.The faster processor and  a better resolution camera.The phone released in July, 2013 ,

The Apple iphone S5 reviews And Specification:

The display of the phone super HD screen display, Indium  Gallium Zinc Oxide display technology used.The new Retina + Sharp IGOD displa having with the 1080 full HD pixels resoultion, Apple i phone S5 brighter thickness i phone 5. The color of i Phone S5 Black and White.

Apple i Phone S5 12 Mega Pixels Sensor camera in the phone while the i Pnone 5 has a 8 Mega Pixels Camera.This phone improve the photo resolution.

Finger Print Reader:
The iPhone S5 include the finger print reader, The scanner will used to the authentic NFC payment, the smart phone  more secure. the finger print reader made by the chip bound company.

Capacity of Memory:
Apple iphone S5 Review | Price in IndiaThe capacity of the smartphone 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB, The more useful amount of storage of  
Videos. Photos. Application like CAD.

iOS 7:
ios 7 redesign  completely user interface. This smartphone new features and  compete with the Android operating system,Apple is woking the ios and successsor.

The reliable price of the phone,Apple iphone S5 price start with 38,000, 32GB model 43,000. 64GB model 51,000 and 128 GB model 58,000 price in India.
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